Stuck at home but want a good workout? Ok then...


Stuck at home but want a good workout? Ok then...

Body Weight Workout: SuperSet Format

(You must warm up and stretch appropriately for these exercises and for your body's needs. Modify for any injury or limitations accordingly. )

Pair up the following exercises and perform them back to back repeatedly before moving on to the next pair.  (Gymboss is a free timer app which is great for workouts such as this.)

Superset Format looks like this:

Exercise A 40 Sec

Exercise B 40 Sec

Recovery 15 Sec


Repeat again

Add another 60 to 90 sec recovery break here before moving on to the next pair. 

Pair 1

A) Jump Jacks
B) Squats

Pair 2

A) Crunches
B) Ladder Climbs

Pair 3

A) Alternating Lunges
B) Atomic Push ups

Pair 4

A) Military Mountain Climbers (knee to outside of elbow)
B) Russian Twists

Pair 5

A) Plank Jacks /or foot lifts without tilting body
B) High Knees with fast pumping elbows, core engaged

30 burpees /or inchworms
For time. 
Rest as needed but do not stop the clock until last rep is finished.

As always... Listen to your body... and proper form rates higher than speedy reps.

Do them perfectly, then add speed and strength to the perfect rep.

In the comments below let us know both your favorite pair and your least fav. 








Day 31: The Bonus ;)

I couldn’t leave you guys hanging on New Year’s Eve with an empty void in your day.  

So here’s a bonus mini workout for you using your newly attained and hard earned push up and plank super powers. 



20 sec work, 10 sec active rest

x 8 rounds.  

Use the free Gymboss app for easiest tracking of your time and rounds. 

Exercise 1

Plank Shoulder Taps.  

Exercise 2  

Speed Squats  

Exercise 3  

Push Ups ( moo haw haw )  

Exercise 4

Jumping Jacks Or Ladder Climbers

Choose 1, no switching once you begin.  

Warm up well. 

60-90 sec between exercises.  


Happy New “You” everybody.  

Great job getting a fantastic head start on your 2018 goals.  


Day 30: Congratulations. This is the Finale (maybe)


Day 30: Congratulations. This is the Finale (maybe)

Similar to Day 2 but faster.

Check back and locate your results from Day 2. Know the time target you have to beat.

Warm up, and stretch.

100 pushups,


in the shortest amount of time that you can.

Start your timer, begin, take breaks as needed (before needed), stop the timer as you finish your last rep. Note your result somewhere and share it with us.

Mantra - colour.jpg

If you needed  to modify the push up on Day 2, compare like with like today, even if you can now do a tougher version.

This is your challenge. 

Do what you can.

Crush Day 2's result..

However you choose to do it, warm up well and stretch before and after each block.

Aim for quality reps only. Do Not count a poor rep. Repeat it instead.

Again, Quality is the win today!.







Day 29: Roche Plank

Welcome to your last Plank day of this challenge. 4 weeks completed already. Well done to everyone who has made it this far.   

Today’s is a tough one of course. It combines a lot of the work we have already done.... Plank Jacks and assisted single arm push ups with both forearm and tall plank.  


The Roche plank is different to most of the others we have done so far, in that we willl not be holding either of the tall or forearm plank for any duration.

The focus on today’s challenge will be in maintaining a solid technique as you move upward and in returning to the floor.

Keep your corset muscles engaged. 

Keep your spine’s natural curves with no extra bending or sagging as you change from one to the other. 

Minimal tilt of torso as you raise and lower yourself.  

Today’s Challenge: 

40 sec Roche Plank 

20 sec rest.  

Repeat for as many rounds as you can hold good form.  



Day 28: These Again

Check back here for the specifics.

Day 16

No 5s this time.

Minimal of 10 per side.

Aim to do 50 quality reps, in the least amount of sets.

Finish one side, before starting on the other.

Rest as needed for quality.



Day 27: Tall Plank


Day 27: Tall Plank

Another Back to Basics today.

Tall Plank, for Time. A direct comparison with Day 3.

Again, do not rush this.

Take time to get your head in the right place for a personal best. Look back on your last times and choose a time greater than it. Refuse to give up mentally until you hit this target. Get your music set up or whatever tools you use to keep focused.

This one has many mental battles to fight before you really get to your physical limit.

Once for fades, and you cant control it, you are done.

Looking forward to hearing about your new Personal Bests today.

When it gets awful...SMILE... Almost Everything is is easier when you smile.

Enjoy the fact that you can do this.

Enjoy the fact that you committed to this challenge and made it this far, during a hectic time of year.

You guys Rock.



Day 26: Single Leg Off Set Push-ups.

Revisit our fun Off Set Push Ups in Day 8. 

Today we increase the work by doing it with one foot raised slightly off the floor. 

Alternate hand positions every 5 reps. When your right hand is closer to your hips than your left, your right foot is off the floor. 

Steady, controlled pace.  

Inhale down, exhale as you push the floor away.  

Minimal torso tilt.  

Solid core with corset muscles engaged throughout each rep.  

Break as needed to ensure a quality 100 reps. (50 each stance)  


Day 25: Merry Christmas


Day 25: Merry Christmas

Here’s wishing you all a great holiday. Merry Christmas to you all.

Today’s challenge will be a Basic Forearm Plank. No added add-ons.

A direct copy of Day 1.

Check your time for that day, and also any personal bests since. 


Today we crush it.

Aim to add at least a minute of quality plank to it.

Don’t rush it.

Get your mind in a good place before you begin. 


Good luck and Merry Christmas.


I look forward to seeing how far you have come in 3 and a half weeks.



Day 24: 4 Sets

Keeping it simple today. Not easy, just simple.

Choose the toughest form of push up in which you can maintain a solid form for a full 25 reps with no rest. This may mean taking it to a higher step or a counter, and that is ok.  The goal here is all the reps in one go with good form.  If 25 seems too much, drop it to 5 sets of 20, but as the goal here is sustained effort for many reps, with perfect form (worth repeating this often!!) do not do less than 20. Minimal of 4 minutes break between sets but feel free to spread the sets out over hours.

Alternatively if 25 seems too easy, choose to do a far tougher version... Elevate your feet, single legs, off set, assisted single arms.... whichever you choose. Just make sure it fits the rep range above, without a break....with perfect form.


Merry Christmas to you all.



Day 23: Superset Planks

Today's challenge partners up two tough versions of plank. A tall: Shoulder Taps, and a low: Plank Jacks. 

Perform the first and then immediately transition into the 2nd. Then take a break. 

Click on links below to refresh the basics of each.

Shoulder Taps : Plank Jacks :Brief Rest.  

Level 1:  

10 sec Shoulder Taps  : 10 sec Plank Jacks : 15 section rest x 3 Rounds. 

Level 2:  

20 sec: 20 sec :15 Rest x 3  

Level 3  

30:30:15 x 3

Level 4  

40:40:15 x 3

Level 5

50:50:15 x 3

Level 6: 

1 min: 1min : 15 x 3 to 5 sets of perfect form.


Day 22: Tempo Change

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Day 22: Tempo Change

Choose the toughest form that you can do well in this format.  

7 Push Ups as fast as you can.  

3 Push Ups as slow as you can.  

Rest for at least 4 minutes. 

Repeat 10 times.  



Slow as you go down. Slow as you come up. Aim for 4 to 8 Seconds each direction. Smooth and steady motion through the full range of movement. Be half way, half way through your count.  It is too easy to hang out in the more comfortable zones while speeding through the weaker range, so stay in the game mentally and don’t switch off. 

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Day 21: Extended Plank


Day 21: Extended Plank

Dial n the Tall Plank basics

Revisiting Day 3's Tall Plank today with a very effective add on. Today's plank is about quality hold, for a Max time. 


Extend one arm out in front and place it on the ground. Leave at least the distance of one hand print between where your hand was when it was on the ground directly below your shoulder and where you place it. If you want you can use a two step walk out where you place the heel of one hand inline with the finger tips of the other and repeat with both sides. 


Leave the spacing of one hand print between hands. 


Place hands side by side and hold.  

This plank will hit the core in more challenging way to the tall plank.  Everyone's degree of shoulder mobility is different so pay attention to any discomfort there. In a few cases the shoulders may be the weaker link and fail before the core. If this is the case for you, don't force it. Return to tall planks and do alternating hand lifts every 3-5 sec without tilting, or shoulder taps.



Day 20: Single Leg Push Ups

This is a repeat of Day 10 except you guys are stronger now, so you wont be needing the buffer sets of 5 where you have both feet on the ground. Click here to refresh your memory.



Do 5 Push Ups, Left Leg just off the ground.

Without tilting, place Left Leg down and raise up Right Leg.

Do 5 Push Ups.

Repeat until form begins to suffer.

Take a break.

Repeat until 100 are complete.





Day 19: Two Points of contact Plank.


Day 19: Two Points of contact Plank.

This plank is a real challenge but it's a complement to everyone who has stayed the course the last couple weeks. To be able to hold a two point position with any measure of control is extremely tough, and complicated from a nervous system point of view. The fact that you guys won't find it as impossible is a tribute to your consistancy and to the fact that ye are more in tune with your body than the average person. So you are winning already 😃👍


Today we are going to begin in forearm plank. Without tilting remove one arm from the ground. Head position will be key for not tilting.


You can raise your elbow out to the side or up towards ear. 


Once you feel stable, lift the opposite foot a couple inches of the ground. So left arm and right foot or right arm and left foot. Hold for 3-5 sec before retuning both back to the floor.  Keeping core right, with no tilting, repeat with other sides.


Take a few minutes to dial this in.  As you find your balance points the goal is to raise and lower both foot and hand at same time.

Level 1:

Aim to attain 5 pairs of two point planks, 3-5 sec holds in two point position,  with controlled deliberated raises and drops. Break as often and for as long as you need 

Level 2: 

Aim for 10 pairs, but only break once. You can hold the regular plank between transitions as long as you need before continuing. But only drop once to rest fully. 

Level 3:

10 pairs, hold position for 10 sec once up.  Minimal time at regular plank between switches.

Level 4: 

20 pairs, with 10 sec holds 

Level 5

20 sec holds, minimal time in regular plank for transitions... As many pairs as possible without dropping. 

Let me know how many you get. Quality plank is the most basic reason we are doing this so don't rush and aim for higher reps than you can perform well. Get a true number of where you are right now so you can compare it in the future.

Slow deliberate transitions are part of this challenge.  Don't fall out of a position. No tilting.  19 days in and the tilt should be easily controlled for at least a few reps now. 


Day 18: Push Ups


Day 18: Push Ups

Today choose the toughest form of push ups you can perform well. 

Do as many as you can with perfect form.  

Once form fades, stop.  

Take a 1 Minute Recovery.   

Repeat until all 100 perfect form push ups are achieved.  

Later rounds may have much smaller reps in them. That’s ok. 1 min recovery may not be enough as the rounds go on but keep it to just 1 Minute.  

Later rounds may call for a modification to your choice of Push Up.  That’s ok.

Quality over Reps.  

Challenge yourself.  

Let us see how you are doing, and where you are doing your 30 day challenge... share you photos with us. Copy and paste these hastags for your social media posts #DamienRocheFitnessChallenge #DamienRocheFitness or simply email them to



Day 17: Side Plank Rotations

Begin in forearm plank. I like to position my arms folded so fists are close to elbows for this one. 

Slowly take the weight off one forearm, without tilting, rotate to one side so shoulders and elbows are stacked on top of each other. Control and quality is vital so only rotate as far as you can maintain a solid plank but Do aim to stack shoulders and elbows above each other.  Slowly return to starting position. The breaking action is important in helping with strength gains so don’t just flop back to the start. 

Repeat on other side. 


Hips and shoulders rotate as a single unit. Do not allow the plank to fail while rotating. 

Aim for 45 sec of slow rotations, 20 sec rest, x 3 times. 

Take longer breaks if needed so you can maintain quality.  

For more of a challenge, go for a minute, and add a forth round. 

Take more rest time if needed to maintain a quality 45 sec. 



12 Days Of Fitness Workout.

Just like the song, each ‘day’ add the new exercise and then repeat each of the previous ‘day’s’ exercises. 

Make this more fun by competing against the clock. 



Warm up and dynamic stretch well before hand. 

Start timer.   

Do 1st Day (Renegade Row,)

Then 2nd Day, followed by 1st Day.  

Them 3rd Day, followed by 2nd, then 1st again..... get the idea.  

so the 12th round will begin with the Roche Planks and ends after the Rengade Row

Stop timer after your 12th round.  

Check out the video to see a brief demo of each of the exercises. 


Most of these exercises require just your body weight. One set of medium to heavy dumbbells is needed and a mat is advised. Choose a weight that's difficult to press over head. 



Day 16: Assisted Single Arm Push Ups

We are into the 2nd half of this plan and the ground work you have already put in has prepared you well for whats coming.

Today's is another tough challenge. You are going to be grateful for your plank work foundation for this one.

The title may be very scary and off putting. Do not let it scare you. This is not a single arm push up. But this one tool to use to be able to do a single arm push up. As with every other day so far ( and to come) there is a challenge level for all abilities and fitness levels.

You are at Day 16!

You belong here!!

You got this!!!

How to do it.

  • Get in to a forearm plank position, but with your arms folded.
  • Place right hand beside the fingers of your left hand with elbow close to the side of your body.
  • Straighten your right arm, pushing the floor away.
  • Maintain string plank as you tilt.
  • Control your descent.
  • Solid plank and quality form is key.

Switch sides every 5 to 10 reps.

Take breaks before your need them.

Continue until 50 each side are completed.

No Knee modifications today. Choose an elevated hand position of the stairs or counter instead.







Day 15: Plank Jacks

Plank Jacks Are Tough! 

Now that that is out there, here is how to do them ....

Plank Jacks are like horizontal Jumping Jacks. For today's challenge, forearms remain on the floor. Starting with feet side by side, hop up and land with feet apart.  Make sure your plank form remains solid and hips remain in line from head to heels. Begin with small hops and increase the distance between feet each jump until you find your limit.  Do not aim to hop high. Speed is not important either but a steady out and in pace is good. 

Today we are again using the Tabata format of 20 sec of Plank Jacks with 10 sec of rest. 

Level 1 

Alternating foot lifts x (aim for) 8 rounds. No body Tilt

Level 2  

Plank Jack for 4 rounds, Alternating foot lifts for 4 round. Mix them up as you like.

Level 3  

Plank Jacks x 8 rounds.  

Level 4  

Plank Jacks x 10-12 rounds of perfect form.



Day 14 : Slow Push ups

Similar to Day 4, we are going to slow things down today and really focus on form. Today's challenge will be in the slow drop towards the ground.  Like day 4, we will keep set sizes small, 5 reps recommended,( no more than 10 at a time.) Take as much recovery between sets as you like. Take all day if you want. The goal is top quality form, without speeding up or loosing form.

Today's Challenge:

  • Choose the toughest version of Push Up, you think you can maintain for the whole challenge.
  • Using a stopwatch or timer, aim for a 4 second (tough) to an 8 second (very tough) down phase.
  • Exhale as you push the ground away with speed and power, as fast as you can each rep.
  • Pause at the top briefly if you want.
  • Repeat for 5 reps.

Take at least 2 min recovery between sets but feel free to take more. Spread them out over the whole day if you prefer. There is no focus here on completing all 100 in any time frame. The focus, is quality form, strength gains from the breaking action of descending slowly, and power gains from forcing the ground away as fast as you can each rep.

Enjoy the change of pace.