Damien Roche is a fitness coach who helps his clients lead more fulfilling lives. Damien was born and raised in Wexford, Ireland's southeast corner, and has been helping people improve their health and fitness since the early 90's. Initially in the pool as a swim instructor and coach, teaching people and groups/teams how to swim easier and faster, before becoming a personal trainer. Since then has spent almost 20 years coaching teams, groups and individuals, alot of whom were inspired and motivated by their own families to improve their fitness and quality of life.

Currently, Damien lives with his wife and two children in Dingman's Ferry, North East Pennsylvania. He has switched miles and miles of pristine coastline for hiking/running trails, lakes and waterfalls.

in 2015, Damien firmly established himself as part of the Dingmans Ferry community by creating Damien Roche Fitness Center.  When the opportunity to continue the legacy of Don & Regina Hubbard presented itself, Damien felt he would be a good fit to take over the community gym. Don & Regina had spent 10 years building and nurturing a social community that looked out for each other and had fun while improving health and fitness. Pike Fitness was more than just a gym to Don & Regina, and this was also true of their staff and members. Damien Roche Fitness Center was a continuation of this ethos of community, caring and respect.

In 2018 Damien closed the chapter that was Damien Roche Fitness Center and currently he offers a wide range of training options, from individual to small group trainings and also offers numerous class styles. As a coach he caters to all levels, from pre-teen agility to senior strength & conditioning, and will continue to add services to help those in Pike County lead more rewarding lives. 

Reach out and let Damien know one thing he can do today to help you begin moving toward your goals.

I found Damien to be a enthusiastic and knowledgeable person in general in my time working with him. Honest, approachable, funny and encouraging he was to colleagues and clients alike. He was very helpful to me in my early days, starting out in this health and fitness game. We could do with some more guys like him helping us, to help others, back over here in Ireland.
— Darren Healy N.C.E.F Fitness instructor Wexford, Ireland