3,2,1 Start

 Save $100 and give yourself the best chance of success.

Save $100 and give yourself the best chance of success.



An ideal way to kick-start your fitness journey... 

The goal of this package is to guide you in those important early days of your new training habits, and teach you how to become accountable to yourself. By the final training session you will be able to modify and progress your exercises and have confidence and the knowledge to mix up your program with a wide selection of exercises for each muscle group.

You receive 3 x 60 minute education/training sessions with a trainer, in your first month, helping you learn how to dial in techniques and to keep you accountable in those early days as you are forming new exercise habits. 

In your 2nd month, You will meet your trainer for 2 x 60 minute sessions. You are now more confident and are becoming more independent of your trainer, and beginning to own your own accountability. 

Month 3, you have one final training session to set up some wins for the next 4 to 6 weeks of your journey.